I've been where you are, and trust me when I say I KNOW how you feel ...

  • After months (or years!) of letting things collect and pile up ALL OVER the house, you're starting to feel stressed just looking around.

  • You're tired of ALWAYS running late because you're scrambling to find what you need to get out the door.

  • There's no more space left in the closets or in the spare room to stash anything that just doesn't have a home yet.

  • You're SICK of how much time you waste looking for your stuff and your kids stuff.

  • You hate that it takes FOREVER to "clean up" before guests come over.

  • You're READY to take control of your house and your things and make your home a more calm and relaxing place to be.




Melissa Ruest

Professional Organizer

I am passionate about helping other women take control of their clutter!  I will help you sort through your

(and your family's) belongings and figure out which things you REALLY love and need.  Then, I'll

help you to organize everything in a way that is not only beautiful, but functional. 

Why Me?

Melissa Circle Pic.jpg

Ever since I was a child, I remember organizing my room.  I would constantly rearrange my furniture, figure out different ways to store my treasures and make the most of the space in my small room and closet.  I would regularly go around the house trying to organize various areas throughout it.  This spilled over into my work as I grew older.  I would constantly be rearranging things in a way that looked nicer and worked better.  I did inventory management for years and I would constantly be organizing and straightening things up as I went along. 

~  I guess you could say that I've been doing this almost my whole life. 

Then, I had a baby at the end of 2016. 

Having this little person in my life to take care of flipped my whole world upside down.  Before, I could spend all the time I wanted putting away laundry, doing the dishes, making dinner, and picking up around the house. Once, the baby had arrived doing almost anything seemed IMPOSSIBLE.  After awhile things evened out a little bit but I still found it difficult to get things done.  When I looked around, I realized that I have A LOT  of stuff! 

~ Stuff, mind you, that I hadn't even used in the THREE YEARS we had been living in our house! ~

That's when I decided that I needed to organize my whole house - starting with... my closet.  I am currently on my own journey to make my home a calm and relaxing space that I enjoy being in and that doesn't take forever to clean up! ((Even with kids!))  I know how much better I feel as I am making progress on my own home. I want to help other women feel the same way in their own homes. 


Fast Forward to After

Your Session ...

  • Your house is easy to clean up quickly - EVERYTHING has a place

  • No more clutter everywhere you look!

  • You are no longer stressed out if someone decides to stop by on short notice.

  • Finding things is a breeze! - assuming one of your kids didn't hide it somewhere...

  • You feel more calm and relaxed at home - you can actually ENJOY being home with your family instead of feeling like you should be cleaning up!


Sessions Include:

 ~ The hours your pro organizer spends in your home plus:

  • A complimentary in home consultation to go over the details of your project.

  • Time spent shopping for necessary supplies.

  • Time spent creating organizational solutions for your space.

  • Communication with you for up to two weeks following your session by phone or email.

  • Taking items to consignment.

  • Hauling away your donations or scheduling a donation pickup (where applicable).


Single Session (3 Hours)  -  $255

Package Discounts

4 Sessions (Save 10%)  -  $912

8 Sessions (Save 15%)  -  $1,728

12 Sessions (Save 20%)  -  $2,448

New Client Special

Your first 3 hour Session is only $147*!!! (That’s a savings of over $100!!)

* For first time clients only. Limit 1 per household. *

How This Will Work

Start by requesting a free in-home consultation.